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Individual Choice - Confidentiality - Humour - Positivity - Communication -  Honesty - Respect - Choice - Community Inclusion - Person Centred - Simple - Needs Based - Friendly - Safe

Moose Jaw Diversified Services provides day services for approximately 125 people.

People eligible to participate in these services are referred to Diversified Services through Community Living Service Delivery (CLSD).

Diversified Services is planning changes based on individual choice. As part of the change process, Diversified Services is re-envisioning the service delivery model. 

In 2016, the Board of Directors initiated a customer focused, values based strategic planning process. The planning process sparked discussion around determining a new person centered ideology for Moose Jaw Diversified Services. Some of the principles of the ideology include the following.

Moose Jaw Diversified Services offers a variety of services for the community to utilize.

Items that are offered to community members for purchase are handmade by the service recipients of Moose Jaw Diversified Services.

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Dear parents, guardians, and families,

This week Moose Jaw Diversified Services will be reviewing and developing an operational plan that details preventing the spread of the Coronavirus and planning for a wide range of scenarios that impact Agency operations.  

The Agency is in the planning process, which may include certain community outings being postponed and up to suspension of services.  Depending on the circumstances, short notice may be given.


There are two important ways to prevent and control respiratory viruses.

The first is for recipients and staff who are ill with respiratory illness symptoms (fever, cough, fatigue, and/or muscle aches) to stay home from work. If they are not feeling well, we ask that you keep them home so that they can rest and recover. As always, remember to inform Moose Jaw Diversified Services of the absence. If an individual becomes ill at work, all Service Recipients living in the same home will be sent home for the duration of the illness.  Individuals cannot return to Moose Jaw Diversified Services until all symptoms have disappeared.

The second way to prevent and control respiratory viruses is the consistent practice of good respiratory etiquette and hand hygiene. Good respiratory etiquette includes covering the mouth and nose during coughing or sneezing with a tissue or a flexed elbow and disposing of used tissues in a plastic-lined waste container, followed by hand hygiene. Hand hygiene is the washing of hands with plain soap and water, which is effective at removing visible soil as well as viruses.

Individuals should clean their hands:

              * before leaving home and on arrival at work

              * after using the toilet

              * after breaks and sporting activities

              * before food preparation

              * before eating any food, including snacks

              * before leaving work

If you have a person who needs assistance, help them with hand hygiene. At Moose Jaw Diversified Services, this supervision will be provided by instructors.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

Regular cleaning and disinfecting of objects and high-touch surfaces (e.g. door handles, water fountain push buttons) helps prevent the transmission of viruses.

The Agency ensures daily cleaning of high-touch surfaces.

Note: Although water fountain knobs and push buttons will be cleaned daily, consider providing a filled water bottle so that they do not have to drink directly from the mouthpiece of the fountain.

At this point, full services are continuing as usual.  If you have further questions, please contact Lauri Weatherall, Assistant Manager/Program Director, Moose Jaw Diversified Services (306) 692-4954 Ext 6 or email

Thank you.

Important Notice to Parents, Guardians and Families - Coronavirus Update

March 18, 2020 - Important coronavirus update for service delivery

Dear Family Members, Caregivers, and Service Providers:

Moose Jaw Diversified Services is writing today to inform you that effective Thursday, March 19, 2020 at 4:00pm Moose Jaw Diversified Services will suspend service delivery until further notice in response to concerns over the spread of COVID-19.  Our objective is to support our recipients, staff and families and keep everyone healthy and safe. Recipients may remain attending until Thursday, March 19, 2020; however, it is advised that if you are able to make immediate arrangements to keep people home, please do so.

Moose Jaw Diversified Services asks that if an individual is sick, they remain home immediately.  We also ask that after March 19, 2020 if an individual is diagnosed with COVID-19 that you inform us by phone or email.

Moose Jaw Diversified Services recognizes that the provincial response to the COVID-19 outbreak will affect our recipients, staff, families and community in different ways. Moose Jaw Diversified Services is committed to keeping informed on the current status of the COVID-19 outbreak.

We realize this is a rapidly changing situation in the community. When we are able to re-establish services; group homes, caregivers, recipients and service providers will be given as much notice as possible by phone, email and our website.

All updates regarding the status of our operations will be announced through the media, as well as posted on . For information about COVID-19, please visit

If you have any questions in regards to this matter, please free to contact us a (306) 692-4954 or email

Thank you for your support over the past week and in the coming days.


Moose Jaw Diversified Services